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West Adelaide Football Club Foundation - Our History is our Future

Born a Club of battlers from the working West End of the city, West Adelaide has strong claims for owning the most colourful history of all League clubs.

West Adelaide’s history is a chronicle of controversy, deprivation and hard luck stories, interspersed by spasmodic bursts of extraordinary brilliance and achievement.

Virtually homeless for the first 60 years, wandering from tin sheds and cold showers in desolate areas of the parklands, the Club has been threatened with extinction through amalgamation in the early years, engulfed by political upheavals, sweeping changes of government and mass desertions by star players. Yet through all this, the Club has managed to win eight premierships, the Champions of Australia title twice and been runner-up eight times.

Above all, the West Adelaide Football Club, is a survivor.

To ensure we survive and remain a proud Club in the SANFL for generations to come, we have established the West Adelaide Football Club Foundation.

The Foundation

The West Adelaide Football Club Foundation has been established for the future development and ongoing prosperity of the Football Club and local community.

The primary aims of the Foundation are to rase funds for:

• Junior development;
• Capital works programs;
• Local community projects and programs; and
• Maintaining the history of the West Adelaide Football Club.

The profits earned from the fund will be utilised to support the Club’s annual activities.

By making a regular contribution or one-off donation, or by planning a future gift in support of the Club, you will join a special group of proud, passionate supporters who are preserving our history and ensuring a prosperous future.

Download our West Adelaide Football Club Foundation brochure here!

Leaving a Bequest

There are various ways you can name the West Adelaide Football Club in your will, and we encourage you to consider the type of bequest most appropriate to your circumstances.

Your bequest can be made in the following forms:

• Assigning a specific dollar amount to the West  Adelaide  Football Club in your will;
• Assigning a percentage of your estate to the West Adelaide Football Club in your will;
• Outlining in your will that you wish for the residue of your estate, or a percentage of the residue of
 your estate, to be assigned to the West Adelaide Football Club; or
• Ascribing items of value, such as real estate, shares and/or art collection to the West Adelaide Football Club.

Suggestions for suitable clauses are:

“I give to the West Adelaide Football Club ____ % of the whole or residue of my Estate, OR the whole residue of my Estate, OR the sum of $_______ to be used for its general purpose. The receipt of an authorised officer of the West Adelaide Football Club will be sufficent discharge to my Executor/Trustee.”

For further information please contact the West Adelaide Football Club or your legal advisor.


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